Why did you stay?

Many reasons. The first few years I thought I was to blame every time he became upset. I felt like I was in prison and he was the evil warden, I wanted to be free, to go out with my friends when they wanted to watch a movie, go to the mall..Live like every one else around me without his presence. without him calling my phone every 20 minutes or constant texts.  Then it was that I didn’t know how to get out, every time I tried he would steal things that belong to me as leverage to make me stay (real pathetic).
Sometimes I would live in denial or became use to the rules and lies I had to say to “keep the peace” which that never last long anyways he would find things to get mad about. Sometimes I thought “ehh maybe this is how my life is supposed to be” if I’m staying with him because he won’t leave then I’m never getting married or having kids because I think he would be a horrible father & use his wife as a legal prisoner and then I never could leave because he won’t sign the papers…….

But after each fight I was reminded that my life didn’t have to be this unhappy. This didn’t have to be MY story. The grim reaper didn’t have to be the guy I called my boyfriend.



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