I’m watching this new show, Big Little Lies, on HBO so far its about 3 mothers and what goes on with there home while the show foreshadows a people being questioned about someone that was murdered. Nicole Kidman is one of the main characters that is married with twins and a younger husband that abuses her. It does trigger memories seeing her get slapped to some of the moments that I was or the moments that she tries to make plans without him and he instantly gets mad for being excluded.

Her friends don’t know about the abuse.  To the world her marriage is great, she has two beautiful boys, a successful handsome husband.

The mind of an abuser is something that has always intrigued me. How can you live with yourself. How can you think that just because you care about this person, that they have to treat YOU like god, your above everyone else, even themselves.

How can you lay your head down making someone live in fear of you?

Is that what love is to you? Someone who fears you? That is going to turn to hate even if they stay.

Why must you try to control someone’s every move, down to who their friends should be or who they can talk to?

How do you live being angry all the time in a relationship to use it as a plot to get someone to do what you want, is that your definition of happiness?

Why would you want to physically hurt the person you care about and cares about you? How can you make them bleed, bruise or cry?

Is that your definition of happiness?


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