Public Announcement

I used to ask myself when I would see people making posts or speeches about abuse “why tell strangers? What do they care? Why are you calling out for pity?”

The longer I’ve been in therapy the more we have the conversations of why doesn’t my family know? Does anyone know? And it would be difficult for me to answer that because I don’t like to talk about it, my closest friends know and for fear of my safety when I would date someone I let them know just that in my past I’ve been physically abused. Ive began to think that maybe saying it in public at a meeting, an event or one day in a book, or even this blog, that it would be my way to tell my family that this is who I am and this is what happened to me..

Maybe by being able to say it out loud would help me be ok with myself and accepting that this is part of who I am instead of walking around blocking out the memory. Maybe it would make my anxieties and fears go away..

one…day… I’ll tell




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