One Step Back

I ended up not going to the appointment that I mentioned in my post “2nd step”..

I went to see my therapist on Monday and she suggested that I have my boyfriend go with me since I’m hypervigilent. I was actually thinking of avoiding the appointment, the thought of going was making me anxious. Can’t explain why and I told my boyfriend and he said “why would you not go?” and I said “I don’t know, maybe because of this whole thing being set up as classes it just sounds so strange but I’ll go.”

Yesterday, I get a phone call from a number 000-0000 (not kidding that’s the actual number) so I ignore it. Then, theres a voicemail. ” good afternoon, this phone call is to remind you about your appointment tomorrow Wednesday March 29 at 7pm. Please know that for your appointment you need to be on time. come alone. no children and if you can please give us a call back to confirm thank you and have a good day.”

Instantly I felt like something wasn’t right.

Why would they say to come alone?

How could I call back if they called from an unknown number?

Why didn’t they leave a call back number or an address?

I told my boyfriend about it and he said “why do they want you to come alone? I don’t like that” and I said “that’s strange. I’m not going” and he says “ok babe. I’ll go with you another time”

I feel sort of disappointed. I want to sit in a group and its not as easy as I thought it would be to find one….

One…day… I’ll try again



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