Therapy week

I tried something new in therapy from my boyfriend with me city someone I spend so much time was and is known me for so long and during that time but I felt like it might be helpful for me. I want to someone there and say the things that they see in me when my attitude changes because of certain situations I come across. It helped me a little bit what are pulled onto was the question ‘ Do I need to tell my family, what will it do for me?’ I don’t really know the answer to that , and I don’t know telling them anything or make even a dent in the shadow that follows me. I just know that when I try to think about how I managed to get over my divorce the factor that may have been a big key for me was that everyone knew. I wrote in a blogs, saw a therapist, had deep conversations with my closest friends, I would have some conversations about it with my parents but I didn’t go too much into depth with me other than knowing that a divorce is going to happen but I feel comfort to because my parents are divorced so they knew what I was feeling in some ways granted their situation was much worse with kids being involved but still it’s the essence of divorce that I knew they could give me guidance and both of them would tell me that it would be okay you do move on. I explained in there be there with me this so difficult is the fact that I waited so many years to come out with it, is there anything anyone can even say to be able to come for me with this tweet a good with the divorce. 

There isn’t much to say at this point other than questions they are questions that I don’t want to answer. So, then it’s back to what am I afraid of?

Look at the memory so much that a lot of pieces to my password I don’t remember any more and only answer in moments it’s triggered and I see moments that I wished whenever there. Your boyfriend suggested hypnotherapy which I have read about before long time ago research into school paper but it never crossed my mind to do it now I wouldn’t even know where to begin looking for someone to do that now to unlock every memory. I’m so desperate to see what can I do to get past this and to truly live a normal life by living of acceptance. Is it with the help of my friends? My family knowing about it? Private therapist? Spiritual guidance? Hypnotherapy? Group therapy? 

One of the things I hope to gain from riding on here and being in a group is finding out all others were able to tell their families are you even tell a stranger that this is my story I am not broken. I am only scarred. 

I am still going to go forward with going to the group but I’m going to look for another group said see other one had me feeling a strange about it. Hopefully I can come across one soon. 


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