Sleep tight, don’t let anxiety bite 

You ever wake up with an panic attack? 

I’ve experienced one before but never one that woke me up. First time was in February at my boyfriends mom’s house. He was awake watching tv and I fell asleep then I wake up complaining that I’m hot, my heart is racing, I think my shirt is too tight, I need water. I closed my eyes and tried to breathe deep to slow my heart rhythm. Few weeks ago is happened again. Woke up in a sweat, didn’t check if my heart was racing I just felt that I couldn’t sleep n I needed air. My boyfriend just looked at me asking what was wrong how could he help. 

I wonder why those nights occur. Why I wake up with an anxiety attack and it’s not fun. Is it the thought of my past floating to the surface making my dreams haunt me? I’ve had several dreams throughout the years of being with him again but as if I were with him now n not images of how it was then. In my dreams I would have the same feeling as I did in real life of feeling caged and wanting to get out, how did I fool myself into going back. On those nights I wake up scared then relieved that it’s only my dog next to me and it was just a dream. 

Why is it that I have the dreams ? 

Why do the panic attacks happen only when my boyfriend is sleeping beside me but only happen twice when I don’t recall dreaming of anything?

Hopefully when I feel free the attacks in my sleep stop. The dreams fade.. 

One…..NIGHT…. it will never come back


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