Silent dreams…don’t dare to scream

Tonight my boyfriend and I watched a show called “The dead files” about a physical medium and a retired detective using  their skills to solve unexplained paranormal activity that people reach out to them for.

There was an episode that someone explained what they saw in their dream and I tell him “that’s how I feel in my dreams…like I want to scream and I can’t – nothing comes out” and he says to me “that’s what your therapist told you… wouldn’t it feel great to feel free?” and I wondered, how can I be set free? When will I be?

I feel fine on a regular basis. At least… I feel like I’m normal, like I am over it. That’s whats made this so difficult…

How do you get over something you feel your okay with ?

It has made it difficult to find a place to start to also know when there is an end..


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