Teenage candles of ungranted wishes 

I love rock from like ’05-09 when bands like Sum41 and All-American Rejects and Simple Plan were all over the radio waves. Reminds me of being 17 and walking through Hollister.

Those small increments of time where I was like everyone else. A broke teenager just hanging at the mall. Then I feel an angers cloud hover me of the torture I was going through. Much of my pleasant memories were from being younger than 14 (before him) and the few times we had broken up n I was free.

When people around me have their conversations about being a teen I can only relate so much. I spent much of my time indoors watching tv because he didn’t let me go anywhere so I would try to get him to go do stuff just so that I could have fun for a while but then of course people (especially my family) though that I was just this girl who needs her bf she must be clingy.

Next year makes 10 years since graduation.

I’m 27 and I’m still dwelling over not being a teenager, not having the weekends with my friends. It’s been wonders of what could have been. Feels like the last of my childhood was taken away by someone who wanted to act like my parent but was only a year older than me. It dawns me that at such a young age someone can have the heart to be so cruel.

ONE…day…The desire to redo my teenage self will fade


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