Past comes a’knockin

There’s a new guy at my job that I never paid much attention to until one day I was walking back to my office and I heard his voice to realize who he is…. A relative of a very close friend to my ex….my nightmare. Instantly it made me feel a lump in my throat because it made me think “omg someone that knows my ex is here,  there’s a way that my ex will know where I work and the last thing I would ever want is for him to show up when I’m leaving work, or even worse… applies to work at my job” I tried to calm myself down and thought “Well, now its time I face the reality, after all we do live in the same city. I at least have one of my best guy friends working here with me.”

I spoke to my boyfriend about it afterwards and he was quick to say “he better not say anything to you, you’re ex will never work there our friend will never let that happen if he ever sees him anywhere near that building”

It’s been about 2 weeks since I realized who that guy was and does he know who I am? Yes. I used to hang around the family a lot. Not sure if he recognizes me because I wear glasses now and I never look at him in the face to avoid any conversations. We work in opposite departments of the office so it’s not like I have to work with him directly. I do have to walk through that department to get to the bathroom but with each day I get a little more comfortable.

After all, I was never friends with the guy so we don’t need to be friends now.


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