Day 1: “Hello..”

Met my psychotherapist today. It went well. He did an assessment to get to know me and asked me to fill out a Dissociative Identity Disorder scale test at home to check how present I will be for EMDR therapy. Therapists have to know where your brain is at to be able  to make the most out of EMDR.

The assessment consisted in questions like “have you ever thought about suicide” “Have you ever taken medication or tried to self medicate” “Has anyone in your family been diagnosed with any mental disorders?” “Was that person the only one to be abusive to you” “Do you participate in any physical activities?” ect… Also asked me to recall a few significant moments of that remember from the relationship to work on it in EMDR.

My last job (one I was fired from) was a trigger which was why I had problems staying quiet. The feelings of being watched, told what to do, how to do it, how I do my job is wrong– its was a replicate to what I felt in my past. I mentioned this to him and he agreed that it was not a healthy environment for me, he can see why I had problems working there.

He said that EMDR is a good fit for me to do but I have to truly be ready to go through the journey, practice mindfulness (which I have been told to do in the past), and go to the beach, take walks, or meditate to relax myself because it’s important that I take care of myself in order to become stronger.

He asked if I’ve ever been diagnosed and I told him I haven’t I’ve only been told that I’m hypervigilant. At the end of the session he mentioned to me that I definitely display symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Social Anxiety.

I go back next Tuesday. Which will be my first official session of EMDR. I’m excited.

Have you tried it or thought about it? Share your thoughts/experiences with me.



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