When you leave an abusive relationship does your mind come with you?  We hear about the therapies and books to use to help you get back to your regular life after something traumatic but what if it’s not enough?  What if normal everyday fears and cautions we should have as humans become so overwhelming that you close yourself off from doing things because it’s safer to stay home then join the world.

Abuse is like your shadow. The tactics you use to keep yourself safe during your relationship continue even once your out  and instead it gets worse because now you fear running into your abuser in the dark and fear every stranger. – At least that’s how I feel.

Welcome to the world inside of my head. I over think, I constantly worry, I live in denial walking around like I’m ok. Sometimes I even believe it myself. Join me on this journey on living a life outside of fear and worries.

You won’t know my name, you won’t see my face or know where I live…

Help me as I hopefully can help one person, break free from the shadows of abuse in their past or out of a current abusive relationship.

There is hope, there is a way out of that hell. ONE …DAY… at a time…